Your brand has a story.

I can help you tell it. Is the story complex? Technical? I’ll help you clarify it. And figure out where to tell it. And how. I’m a copywriter. Content strategist, too. I make your digital marketing more effective – so you can finally thrive on the web.


What's your strategy?

Match content with business goals. A definitive content strategy helps you plan, structure, and manage your digital assets.

That’s why I weave process and method into every project. Because each line of copy should reflect a strategy that fits your brand.

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A story that sticks

What if your story was simple? You could tell it clearly – all of it – to everyone you wanted to reach. They would listen. They would finally understand you.

And your business? It would grow.

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Content that fits

From blogs and newsletters to white papers and case studies, the burning question is this: What sort of content should you publish?

I’ll help you answer that question. Then I’ll develop content that reaches your audience, creates trust, and complements your brand story.

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Strategy + Storytelling

Content strategy helps you build an effective, sustainable publishing approach. And apart from knock-'em-dead, brand-befitting copywriting, it's what GIC does best.

See how I merge strategy and content creation into a comprehensive digital suite for brands.

Client Love

“Adam helped us improve customer and marketing communications and has had a positive influence on our overall strategy for email marketing, website copy, and beyond.”

~ Randy Rienerth
Rievent Technologies